London’s Only Zero-Emission Secure Shredding Service

Leaving your unneeded documents in a stack on your desk, or filed away in a cabinet only leads to a state of clutter, confusion but more importantly – it leaves your information to potentially be exposed and compromised. If so, your business can be fined thousands of pounds and it will affect your brand’s image severely. So, what should you do?

Hand over your documents for a colleague to shred?

Your files can get lost, individuals can peek at sensitive information and ultimately, it is not an effective use of your employee’s time and efforts.

Shove them all into the office shredder?

Seems straight-forward, but are you aware that your shredder could be the one that allows your data to be stolen? Many workplaces still use traditional strip-cut shredding devices, but information can still be pieced back together very, very easily.

So, what now?

The most effective solution to overcome such problems and protect your information is a shredding service that ensures a complete destruction of your documents. Our secure shredding service is London’s ONLY zero-emission service. All you have to do is put your documents into a shredding console that we provide. That’s it. That’s all.

We began our service because we understand the need for data protection, but found that there was no zero-emission service to take on such an important responsibility. We collect your waste with our electric vehicles, whenever is best for you, and our DBS-checked collection agents will dispose of your waste accordingly. We provide you with Waste Transfer notes so you know where your data is, and a Certificate of Destruction so that you know your data is safely discarded of.

No hassle, no drama. No tedious thumb-bleeding staple removals. No maintenance costs or hidden fees.

So why not experience such a stress-free shredding service for yourself? Your data is safe with us, and we’ll help boost your sustainability credentials with our zero-emission service – so what’s there to lose? Get in touch with us today quoting “LINKEDIN5” and we’ll give you 3 months free!